ubiqx (U*bĭks), in reference to the modern computer: the ubiquitous box.

The ubiqx name has been around since 1990. Its first official use was as the name of a project that produced some free software utilities and modules, plus an associated UUCP address. The UUCP address eventually morphed into the ubiqx.org website (this website), while the software modules lead to involvement with larger projects. Those projects, in turn, led to a couple of magazine articles and a book. The book lead to funded development, teaching and tutorial requests, and contract work—which is what finally lead to the creation of a separate business entity: ubiqx Consulting, Inc.

This site, ubiqx.org (aka. ubiqx.net) is the Free and Open development side of the house. It hosts projects of various sizes and various degrees of completion, including the aforementioned book and the early modules that started everything. Many of the smaller software projects are either very new or have stalled for lack of time. If you are interested in helping out, please send us a note.

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